1. R

    Impact of the global markets on India - every Monday

    Hi Every weekend I consolidate data on what has been happening around the world and see how it is likely to affect India and my personal holdings. Though I have not signed up for Traderji for a long time, I often get a lot of guidance from forum members here by reading the threads. Today I...
  2. sihasan

    Trade with FIIs

    Friends, The purpose of this thread is the consolidate information on the trading patterns of FIIs. Its common knowledge that they are the market movers in India (along with DIIs). So to start with, here is what I beileve FIIs track for their investment purpose Monitor 50 DMA Track...
  3. J


    sirs /madams, New to forum , I am basically a developer , I built some fun tools myself ,for my trading benefit. I am a bit too young compared to members in forum ,I started trading 1 year back. I am addicted to mutual funds ,I trade them as though they are shares ....I hold them for...
  4. A

    FII Flows in derivatives in excel file.

    Hi friends, I am looking for the FII flows in the derivatives seg from 2000. The database on sebi website is on htm and hence i have to enter it in xls,. Before that i just wanted to check if anybody already has it. Thanks a lot for your help. Amit.
  5. A

    FII Derivatives Flows in excel file.

    Hi friends, I am interested in getting FII flows in derivates in an excel file. As we all know that the data on sebi web is on htm, and they have no xls file, I would have to make the database. Before that i wanted to check if anybody has it already. Thankyou for your help. Amit.