1. A

    How to enhance Fibonacci Retracement and Extension level

    Hi, I use Fibonacci numbers quite a bit for stock analysis and prediction purpose. Amiborker provides FIB retracement and extension Maximum Fibonacci level provided by Amibroker is 261.8%. I want to extend this to level to 361.8% and 461.8%. Is there any way to attain this in amibroker...
  2. ajeetsingh

    Concealed Fibo Trading

    In past one week, I have seen some strange behavior for low cap stocks, around fibo levels and discovered a nice way to trap around 1% of my capital daily. Although i have been working over it for past 7 months but touched right string only in past week. so far i have done paper trades, from...
  3. N

    Hi Friends did you know stock market's mysterious tools

    Yes, the stock market's mysterious tool is E,F,G i.e. Elliott wave, Fibonacci and Gann. These tools are the soul of stock market. Behaviour of our nature and stock market are very closed. I personally feel this in my last 5 year trading career. thanks NutShell Trader
  4. K

    fibonacci learning

    Halo Friends, I want to learn about the CORRECT usage of fibonacci retracement indicator. Can anyone suggest a book or anyother learning source to learn. Thank you.