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    Fcharts + Ichimoku Clould

    Hi Gurus, I have been using Fcharts pro for quite a long time, and I have amibroker too. But Fcharts impressed me with its GUI and simplicity even though amibroker is way ahead of its functionalities. Hence I would like to stick with Fcharts, but I find it dificult to derive Ichimoku cloud...
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    EOD2FCharts EOD Data Download & Export to FCharts SE (Free Technical Analysis s/w)

    Hello, Here you can find the software which Downloads End of day Bhavcopy data , filter it and then export directly to FREE TECHNICAL ANALYSIS SOFTWARE *** FCharts SE *** without starting FCharts Software. EOD Downloader/Exporter for FCharts SE EOD2FCharts [NSE/BSE] [Free version will allow...