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    What is the best way to predict nifty / banknifty on expiry day?

    Can anyone guide me on how to predict nifty on weekly / monthly expiry day ? I mean what should we look for ? any tools or software that can help?
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    Need Help regarding option trading

    I bought 1 lot of Banknifty for strik price of 32500CE at 9.60 for expiry of 19 dec 2019 What kind of situation are applicable to this trade ? Can i sell that 1 lot before expiry if it expired what will happen ? currently Bank Nifty at 31712. MTM is minus 169 please help explain what can...
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    How to get back STT paid on ITM Options on Expiry, probably with a Booty!

    Many have lost heavily by paying a whopping STT on "in the money options on expiry". It is probably possible to get this back, along with a booty! Keep your ITM Options Expiry contracts with STT ready!
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    VWAP trading

    I have seen very large moves during last half hour of contract expiry. I have heard people say that such moves are due to arbitrage unwinding. Can someone please explain it in detail? Why do these moves take place? Also in some stocks there is an upmove while in others there is a downmove...
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    Open Options positions after monthly expiry

    Hello I had brought Call options but I could not square off my positions due to very low volatility so will it get cash settled after the monthly expiry that occurred yesterday or do I need to place a square off order to get settled even after expiry. Please help!! I had big positions that...
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    Expiry day moves

    Why are there large moves in the last hour of expiry day? People say reverse arbitrage is taking place. What does that mean? How can people predict with certainity that the stock/index will move up or down during the last hour of trade? What sort of data do they analyse? How can they be sure...
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    TrackNifty Expiry Forecast

    Hi, I have developed a formula for expiry forecast. And daily I will post it here. This formula finds where Nifty future is likely to expire and compares it to latest close of Nifty future.
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    It is anybody's guess that Nifty will expire between 5530 to 5680 range. But where it is going to be exactly! We can still make a lot of money, if we can correctly analyze this, as many made a killing on last Friday on both sides (calls and puts)!
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    STT on Option Exercise?

    May Nifty options settled at 5003.10 last Thursday - I had 1 long 5000 Call, and expected to get paid Rs 155. After Commissions, service taxes, etc, I expected to get paid about Rs 55. However, ICICI charged STT of Rs 312, and because of this, I ended up LOSING money on the option! This makes...
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    List some Free Must have tools for a trader

    Question related with Dividend. Hi, I am a newbie and wanted to know that when a company announces a dividend, Who would be eligible for receiving it i.e Lets Say if i purchase a share worth Rs 100 on 15th November and on 17th November company announces dividend, then will i be eligible for...