expiry day

  1. C

    What is the best way to predict nifty / banknifty on expiry day?

    Can anyone guide me on how to predict nifty on weekly / monthly expiry day ? I mean what should we look for ? any tools or software that can help?
  2. money_alchemist

    Broker for Expiry Day Intraday Trading

    Which broker are you using for expiry day trading? I need a broker who provides around 8-10x margin for intraday index option selling and a very low brokerage (< Rs. 20 per trade) or around Rs. 5 per lot. At the same time, I need them to be reliable. So far I have Angel Broking and 5 Paisa in...
  3. P

    Please explain this options behaviour.

    I think I am missing some basics here! Today was expiry day(30MAR). I have been observing MRF since past week, but did not invest in it(I am still a newbie!). My guess was that the option premiums are going to increase. Because the underlying price was increasing. So I was observing 60000...