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    I am busted in these charts!!

    Hi Guys I am not sure, if it's the right thread to ask such a noob question!. Coming to the issue : I have added a pic of my today's chart. I was having a steady and calm drop, then suddenly a bullish candle came with good volume. I panicked and thought.. this is going to reverse. I quickly...
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    Tool which shows entry / exits points for a stock on a chart

    Hello, I'd like to know if there is a website (mostly a portfolio manager like MC, ET) which can plot the entry and exit points of a stock on a chart. I'd like to visually see when I got into a position and when I exited out of a position. Pls advise.
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    ULIP - Continue / Exit

    Hi, I have a ULIP from MAX NewYork Life named "Life Maker Gold". I started investing in Jan 2008. I invest 5000 every 6 months. Now I have invested 45000 since the past 4.5 years. My current fund value is Rs. 34000. Despite making an investment of Rs. 45000 since past 4.5 years, my fund value...