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    Reliance Put What to do

    I am very new in trading and a new member in traderji dot com. Please help me. I have bought Reliance Put 960 (31 Mar) at the rate of Rs. 9.80 on 18 Mar 2011. The last price of Reliance was then Rs.990. Now today i.e on 25 Mar 2011 Reliance last price is 1026.60 and the put value is only 55...
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    Options Trading Exercising Regarding

    Hi All, I am new to Options Trading in India. I would like to if I could buy/sell the shares by exercising my call/put options early. Let me explain my question by example: I have presently bought HUL call option at 275 for Rs.10 . At the time of expiry, the Stock is trading at Rs.290...