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    Introduction + Excel Query + looking for group

    Hi All, Just joined traderji, bit late i know. But neverthless looking forward to spend a lot of time here... with all intelligent guys out here.... I want to create one sheet with live stock quotes from NSE/BSE/Moneycontrol whatever is real time. Please help me with this please. If...
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    Hi, I am from UAE. I have 2 querries, regarding live data intraday. 1) I need 1/5 minute OHLC figures to an Excel sheet to feed my excel trading system (which is under construction ;) ) I am using Nest Trader and Nest2Ami for feeding Amibroker. Is it possible to get data (OHLC 1/5 min)...
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    Yahoo finance quotes download stopped working?

    Am a new member. Very interesting and active board... I use my own portfolio management tool which downloads delayed quotes from Yahoo Finance into excel. The quotes for India stocks stopped working yesterday morning... Also tried the http command in a browser and get an NA instead of the...