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  1. D

    Coding for Trade tiger using newly launched features

    Top ranked broker Sharekhan Ltd. just launched some new feature i.e. ored from excel and API for custom coding. I know everything about trade tiger but dont know coding. Have some strategies but unable to get it done using coding and API. Can anyone here help?
  2. P

    Solving Developing Functions 4 trading EXCEL sheet.

    Here this thread can be utilized for solving your queries or giving some knowledge about the functioning of EXCEL workouts, which can be useful for trading and updating the issues in related like screening, calculations, functions, data, download, auto updating etc. here I am providing...
  3. coolbrain

    Does anybody have backtested VENGAI-2.Xls.

    :thanx:Dear Friends, Greetings to all....I have came across a posting regarding VENGAI-2 Excel sheet that had been posted by Our Forum friend Yasu222. Does anybody have backtesed his system in paper trade or real money..? am using his system for commodity market MCX SCRIPTS.Seems to...