1. A

    New to Forex trading, have a doubt abt today's market, any helpers??

    At abt 13:30 IST German Ifo Business Climate Index was released showing negative sentiments. I expected the EUR/USD to dip from its level of 1.3602 at 13:30 however it increased to 1.3625(nw at 14:30). can someone tell me why a negetive German Ifo Business climate Index made traders buy Euro...
  2. sdalal

    USD/INR: just move down

    EUR/USD Support EUR/USD has support at 1.3785. Europe is facing new challenges as After greece ,there is a talk of Spain and Portugal may come in a mess. Eur/USD may touch 1.35 in coming weeks. IND/USD ,can see 44.1 ON 19th feb: Eur/USD made a low of 1.344