1. devinchopra

    EOD Data for ETFs

    Hi, I am trying to get historical EOD data for ETFs. I couldn't find on the NSE - can anyone please guide me. thanx :)
  2. omufrench

    Amit's Trading Diary and Notes

    Hi, My name is Amit. I am attempting to maintain a trading diary here. I will be logging my trades and breakup of portfolio for everyone to see. Please feel free to comment as these will help me become a better trader. My portfolio : GOLDBEES = 85.40% AUROPHARMA = 17.95% NIFTY 5200...
  3. B

    Need line chart program for making momentum chart

    . Hello everyone = I am a momentum investor. I am looking for a simple chart program that I can make a ETF line chart watch list with. I once used Microsoft Charts on the Web to do this with, but then MS changed companies, and limited the amount of ETF I could enter. I am looking to...
  4. A

    Gold or Gold ETFs?

    Hello, I come from a traditional family who prefer to invest in physical gold. But I want to try new options. A friend of mine suggested that I try Gold Etfs. Are they good? Please help!:)
  5. A

    Looking for Help on ETF Investments...

    Hi, I have heard of ETF investments but not sure. How do these things function?
  6. A

    How is an ETF different from a mutual fund? Help

    I was going through information about etfs as i was thinking of investing in...but i found quite similarities between both etfs and mutual funds...can anyone tell me is there any difference??
  7. M

    Ask ETFs and Indexing queries here

    Hey guys, If you have any query related to ETFs (exchange traded funds) and Indexing which you want to ask, you can ask right here and i will surely get back to you in the fastest way possible I am really excited about spreading the knowledge which i have gathered on ETFs and Indexing. So...
  8. S

    Exchange Traded Funds or Mutual Funds?

    Which one should you rather go for? Give reasons for the same Adding poll too
  9. S

    Gold ETFs beat other funds in stability, growth

    Read this article :thumb: I liked it, just thought of sharing
  10. M

    What does Warren Buffet thinks about ETFs?

    "ETFs are the most suitable investing weapons for long term wealth building" - Warren Buffet Do you agree with this statement? :confused: Also i found this really interesting article which every investor should read :thumb:
  11. M

    ETFs vs Mutual Funds

    What would you rather go for?
  12. M

    How many of you trade regularly in ETFs?

    I do it on a regular basis since i find it quite profitable compared to trading in individual stocks. What do you think?