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    Regarding Gold Mutual Funds

    Hi All, I Want to invest 3000 Montly on GOLD through mutual Funds for a tenure of 10 years for my Kids Marriage. I have a Demat account in Reliance Money. I have 2 Questions. 1) What is the difference in ETF Funds and Gold Mutual Funds 2) What are the best funds to invest for Gold Purpose...
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    Gold or Gold ETFs?

    Hello, I come from a traditional family who prefer to invest in physical gold. But I want to try new options. A friend of mine suggested that I try Gold Etfs. Are they good? Please help!:)
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    Looking for Help on ETF Investments...

    Hi, I have heard of ETF investments but not sure. How do these things function?
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    How is an ETF different from a mutual fund? Help

    I was going through information about etfs as i was thinking of investing in...but i found quite similarities between both etfs and mutual funds...can anyone tell me is there any difference??