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    My intro for members

    I am working in IT and have been trading according to tips/ recommendations for few years (Equitymaster seems to be best from the experience till now). I have also lost money by giving it to people to trade (Blunder!!). Recently (in Dec 2014) I have done Vitamin M EoD course by Mr...
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    Equity master - which is the money multiplier??

    Hi , Does anyone have any idea about the stock idea being heavily advertised by equitymaster? They charge a lot to start their account only after which they will disclose the stock name. If anyone can share the stock which has been picked by them others can benefit and also we can discuss...
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    hello everyone, I am new to this forum and have interest in IPOs, and secondary market. Recently, I came across an offer to subscribe for 'The Value Investor' from equitymaster.com. Kindly send your valuable suggestions, if it is worth. Also, what are other good resources for reports...