1. I

    DSP BR Equity Dividend Vs Growth Options

    DSP BR Equity is one of the best multi cap fund. But DSP Equity Dividend is 12 year old fund with good long term performance where as DSP Equity Growth is new fund. Can we choose DSP Equity Growth instead of DSP Equity Dividend in case if we want to for growth option only? Is there any...
  2. F

    Technical Analyst Cum Swing Trader

    Hi Members I have being Swing Trading and analysing Equity and Futures for the past 3 years. Here i wish to share my experiences and Technical details in this forum with you forthcoming days. Best of Luck Regds focuslogu
  3. DiwaliCrackers

    How to acheive target 10 Lac in 1 year

    Hey Guys, I want to achieve my target as 10 lac before 1 Jan 2012 with moderate risk capacity. My initial investment is: 2 Lac in Equity Shares. and monthly capacity is around 18k.... Please let me know, how i can achieve my target , through legal way and moderate risk :)
  4. W

    SpiceJet - Good or bad option?

    Hi, I have recently bought Spice jet,they are starting up with the international trips starting 9 oct 2010. How does the stock sound. Also the stock went upto 81.80 today and came down to 77.15 after the market had got down around -251(-1.23%), but the stock was still in profit around...
  5. V

    Why sudden positive correlation between gold and equity?

    Equity and gold are two fantastic asset classes, which do can wonders to your portfolio. Equity on one hand enables to create wealth over the long-term and also hedges inflation, while gold acts like insurance, during economic turmoil and turbulent times of the equity markets - thus having a...
  6. U

    Carry forward an intraday position...how?

    Hello, I often hear on TV analysts suggesting to carry-forward the intraday positions in case the price target is not met. How is this done in intraday trading...as I don't see option in my trading terminal to do it. I am using SBI Securities. Many Thanks Ujjwal
  7. I

    Idea Cellular, Buy/Hold/Sell?

    I have been stocking up Idea Cellular since last 1-2 months and have around 370 shares @ 54.50. Since last few sessions its been trading at that price while sometime back it was at 65 & above. I have been tired of averaging out now :) What to do?
  8. S

    Mutual Fund Distributor

    Hi friends, If you have queries about Mutual Funds, please let me know. I will try my level best to answer your queries. Happy Investing.
  9. R

    Predicting Stock Market / Commodity using Technical and Financial Astrology.

    Hi All, I am specialized for Intraday & Long calls giving in Equity, F & O, and Commodities. If you need suggestion for any specific stock, Please post your query.
  10. O

    Long term investment perspective...

    Hi All, I am looking for investing in equity on a long term perspective. Say, like equity for another 5 to 10 yrs. I know, we need to keep watch on the market and companies health. Could you guys recommend on such stocks..?.. Note: I have already invested on Equity,MF, FD, Bonds, Gold...
  11. dream123

    helo, wish u all for lady luck!

    activity: equity, ipo, F&O, arbitrage, forex, diffrent strategies, comodities, other countries market, etc.. in short intrested in all the activities making big money,
  12. Ganesh543

    Where To Check The Open Intest Of Any Share ?

    Dear Friends Open interest I can not find open interest anywhere on web site where can I check open interest of any share so that I can make some money in day trading Hare Krishna :) Ganesh
  13. S

    Beginners - Portfolio

    Hello Traderjis, I'm absolutely new to trading. Today (28/05/2009) I started my trading career. I wish to know ur expert opinions about my buyings today. Actually I closely watched market using Rediff stocks and I bought these shares with my own responsibility. But I want to...
  14. D

    Good Teacher

    In stock market, you should always be a learner. On every now & then, you will learn something. You duty is to analyze them to be a good student of the stock market. Then who is your teacher. Obviously, this Market itself. Of course, on the way, some good helping hand will add values in...
  15. A

    New Brokerage service

    Hi Everyone, Congrats to everyone on a very useful and friendly forum. I am starting a new online brokerage, and would like to get everyone's input on what they would like to have in a new brokerage service, that is not being served, ot get an upgrade. Inputs can range from: 1. Pricing...
  16. D

    Free nse eod daily data here

    Hi Friends, Download the NSE EOD Data equities from link provided here. The data is in rar format. I will try to update daily. download link for 08/08/2008 nse data. http://***.esnips. com/web/My ShareSpace Please remove the spaces from the link. Thank You.
  17. K

    Equity and Derivatives Trading Simulation Software from India

    Hello, A couple of months ago I came accross an article which mentioned that there was a software developed indigenously that allowed 'traders' to test equity and derivatives strategies with simulated data-feeds. The article also mentioned that the software is chosen by IIM Ahmedabad for...