1. M

    Technique to gain from equities market

    Is there any site where i can get nr7 stocks for tomorrow,, and also profit/loss gained from previous nr7 stocks ... and nr7 history not only nr7 but all other techniques too
  2. A

    Franchiese enquiry

    Hi Members, I am planning to take a franchise from a broker. Please advise which shall I go with. I am looking for the one which is not asking for any deposit and has the best brokerage plan. Thanks all. Aman
  3. S

    Which section of a financial market a beginner should start trading?

    There are several section of financial markets are there such as :- Equity:- delivery, intraday, F&O Commodities Currencies u can add more if i missed something So in which section of financial market a beginner should start trading
  4. G

    Gaint Trading System

    Hi Traderji friends,Instead of posting on different threads i have started my own thread to discuss my own trading style.any suggestion are heartily welcomed:clapping:. I like to teach my trading strategy to traderji member,hope it will help you :sos:
  5. A

    One Way Movement

    Hi All, For some time I have been observing stocks that break their previous days high or low tend to move in single direction and give good points. However, at times they reverse leading to triggering of SL. I tried to analyse the same with things like Delivery %age of previous day...
  6. S

    Urgent opening in share market with reputed company.

    We have opening for our client at Delhi for following post. If you or your friend/collegue interested and matching with your profile, kindly mail the resume along with mentioning Post Applied for, Current CTC, expected CTC. I. Dy. Manager / Assistant Manager - Franchisee Advisory...
  7. A

    Difference between equity and derivatives

    What is difference between equity and derivatives?
  8. D

    Hello to everyone

    Hello, I am Krishan Borwal and doing trading with Zerodha. Prefer equity intraday. Also, i am from kurukshetra. Thanks
  9. F

    First Investment

    Do you remember your first investment? Hello everyone, I've been in the stock market the past 12 years, as an investor and a franchise owner. As they say people do not forget their first love, I mean investment...which was SBI back in 2001 purchased at Rs 180 something and sold in 1...
  10. S

    Equity Option Low Brokerage

    I want to know which broker is giving less brokerage for equity options. Please suggest me right idea here.
  11. S

    Hot Stock Tips

    Hi friends, I am starting a new thread through which I will communicate hot stock tips for traders, you can weigh them initially by treading them on paper... if you find them worth actual trading use them and get benefited.. Regards
  12. B

    Equity() vs porfolio equity

    Hi all, :) this is my 1st post in traderji.com I'm using Amibroker 5.51.2 in Win7 Professional I'm learning the exercise in Howard Bandy Introduction to Amibroker with the following code. ----------------------------- FastMA = MA(C, 5); SlowMA = MA(C, 20); Buy = Cross(FastMA...
  13. apdd2003

    My Trading Diary

    Friends, Started trading from today. Wanted to keep log of my trades hence this new thread.
  14. N

    Hello all.....trading for the last 9 yrs

    A big hello to everyone here. My name is Jai & I have a background in business (HR Consulting & Renewable Energy to be precise). I am based in Mumbai & have been an avid follower of the stock markets for the last 9 years & in that process, tried my hand at all forms of trading – intraday...
  15. RKSV

    A look back at 2011 Turnover

    Hi everyone, We wanted to share some of our research on stock equity and derivative volumes for this past year with the rest of you. We hope you find this information useful. Let us know your views and thoughts in this forum. Hopefully you find this useful and we can keep adding more...
  16. R

    Job Opportunity for Head:Algo-Trading (Equity/Commodity/Forex)

    Dear All, I invite applications for Algorithmic Trading Head Opening with one of the leading Equity, Arbitrage and Commodity Trading Company based in India with a global presence. This position is for Delhi/Dubai/Singapore locations. Highlights of the Position: • We are looking for somebody...
  17. T

    Short trading doomed

    Hello Traderji's, I think, I'm direly need some help, I shorted(sold) a 100 shares of Infosys(BSE) on 12th October and called my broker to buy them for me(as there was a power outage) to square off on intrady. The moron from the branch bought in NSE instead on BSE. Now he says meek sorry and...
  18. M

    Setting up new online forex business - need India Managing Director

    Hi, I looking to establish an India office of a major international online forex trading platform. We are incredibly ambitious and having set up offices in 10 other countries worldwide, we feel the opportunity in India is phenomenal. I am interested in hearing from only the most experienced...
  19. S

    Sub -Broker

    How many of you feel that it is easy become a subroker or remisser and earn rather than working for 12 hours a day and get a fixed salary? please share your views!
  20. K

    Hello from NewBie to World of Trading/Investment

    Dear Friends, Good Day :) Myself just new and joined today this wonderful form that landed while searching online for Stock Trading Ticker updates online :) 1) Self trading/investing experience started as Gulf NRI with help of Mr. Mani a South Indian friend. 2) This experience started in...