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    Commodity Tips

    Capital stars is a financial advisory who provides Stock Tips to their client for the more profit generation with the newly and updated market reports. They provide Stock Tips, Commodity Tips on the basis of accurate analysis, and research.
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    Daily Nifty and Bank Nifty Outlook

    17-11-2011 NIFTY OUTLOOK Trend: - Consolidate Resistance: - 5150, 5250 Support: - 5000, 4900 Strategy: - Sell on high BANK NIFTY OUTLOOK Trend: - Consolidate Resistance: - 9250, 9450 Support: - 8900, 8700 Strategy: - Sell on high Stock Recommendation
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    Stock Tips

    Hello Friends !!!!!!!!:thumb: Good News to all Traders and Investors ...... This is my new Thread in which I'll provide you the Calls of Stock Market both Stock Cash and Stock Futures....and I'll also update you with current news related to Share Market.... Regards Suresh Bajaj :):):)
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    Daily Nifty Outlook

    08/09/10 OUTLOOK FOR NIFTY:- Trend: - Bullish Resistance: - 5625, 5690 Support: - 5550, 5510 Strategy: - Buy on dips
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    Does day trading give a large profit!!

    explain something about day trading..how does it beneficial??
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    hello all

    i am Nagendra pratp singh,i have got arround 6 years experience of equity market/commodity market and currency market I have been associated with Angel Broking, rain commodities And presently working with Sushil Global commodities, the group company of sushil finance...
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    Helloooooooo everybody