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    in ITR4 where to show Short Term Capital Loss made in Equity to Carryforoward

    Anybody have any knowledge regarding Short Term Capital Loss arises from delivery based (less than 1 year holding) Equity trading. I cannot find any field that can be entered -ve before figure in ITR4, ITR4S. I made a loss in SBI delivery based in last financial year that I wan to carry...
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    Please fill my PhD survey on Investor Behaviour in Equity Market

    Greetings! I am pursuing PhD in the area of “Investors’ Behaviour and strategies in in Bull and Bear Phases of Stock Market: and would like your precious opinion on the same. Kindly spare few minutes to fill the questionnaire: http://goo.gl/forms/Wm5WSFcFkR Your kind cooperation is...
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    Technical Analysis

    Hey guys how are you ? Hope you are doing well i am very exited to know about technical analysis with a leading financial advisory firm Capital Trends. I am very thankful to this firm