1. nanjil

    Fundamental Analysis of much Talked About Stocks...

    Hi Friends The aim of this thread is to Analyse the Stocks which are being talked in our Forum. Their Fair value and One year Target Price based on their current and past performance... Investing is not a science that we can use some magic formulae and win big... It involves valuation...
  2. J

    Start off Fundamental Analysis - Here is Quarterly EPS of Nifty Stocks

    Hi all, I have been looking for a source to find good data for fundamental analysis all along but failed. bits and pieces of information everywhere. To start with I, (with support of my wife) have compiled the quartely EPS of nifty shares. I am attaching that herewith for any one who...
  3. J

    Historical data on EPS and PE of nifty Companies individually

    Hi, I am looking for some data soure (paid or unpaid) which could provide me with time series on EPS and PE ratios of nifty companies. Please help... Kiran