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    Educative webinars on Algo Trading for Individual Traders

    Hi All, Got his info from Symphony sales team recently: They are conducting free webinars on Tuesdays & friday to individual traders on Algorithmic Trading/Automated Trading. We may all register at Agenda(Copied from the mail): 1. Overview of Indian Algo Trading...
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    Any New competitions/contests on Forex?

    Hi all, I have been trading on demo platforms majorly since the last year. Since last year, i've seen a lot of contests happening on Forex using demo platform from various brokers. Can anyone list the best of them, as the prizes some brokers provide are very good and worth participating for...
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    Possible to take education loan from multiple banks for the same course?

    Am gonna go for MBA in a few months. Can I take education loan of 40 lakh from multiple banks (4 lakh each from 10 banks, because banks provide education loan up to 4 lakh without a collateral)?
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    Which Child Investment Plan should i go for?

    I have been blessed with a girl recently. Keeping in mind the growing cost of education, I am already worried about her future. When should I start investing in a child plan for her future? and which is the best child investment plan which i should opt for?