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    Long term secular bull market

    Today, we think Nifty is expensive. But the reality is that India is at the cusp of a long term secular bull market, based on solid foundations. Obviously, the most important thing to sustain a bull market is earnings growth. And Indian equities will see earnings growth at a level that will...
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    Why this bounce is for real?

    The big question in everyone's minds is whether the correction has ended, and are we seeing a new leg up in the markets, or whether this is just a dead cat bounce. My feeling is that this is a real rally, for the following reasons: - The global situation looks a lot better now after Hosni...
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    Platinum seems safer than gold

    I cannot help feeling that there is more glitter in Platinum compared to gold. Platinum, being a precious metal and an indutrial metal, was generally twice the price of gold but it dipped below gold in October 2008 from where it is recovering. The collapse of auto industry is said to be the...