1. O

    How much do you make monthly by trading?

    Hello friends, I am quite new to trading and just want to know what is the average monthly earning that traders here are making. As far as my vote is concerned, I am in loss till now. Hoping for the best :)
  2. R

    How to calculate project earning?

    Hi, How we can calculate projected earning to calculate intrinsic value of company?
  3. DiwaliCrackers

    Retained earning of a Company

    Hi, I want to know about how to calculate "Retained earning" of a perticular company. Please provide me the example like how to calculate RE of Biocon or any company? It would be great if you can provide me the link where i can access current RE of particular company. /Thanks
  4. D

    Please dont risk your capital for 15-20% return yoy

    I have come across various posts, threads stating the right/maximum return in stock trading and most of the times 15-20% is considered as ranked as appropriate. Though its not first time i am hearing this figure, may be i can understand that the western authors have inducted us the most of...