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    What is DIS (Market) Charges NSDL/CDSL

    Hi All, I am new to trading. I am using geogit's services. While looking at my account summary, I have been charged with Rs 25/- for two consecutive days ie on 21st and 22nd under the heading DIS (Market) Charges NSDL/CDSL From 21.03.2016-21.03.2016 and DIS (Market) Charges NSDL/CDSL From...
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    Cheapest DP to use with Zerodha

    I am a newcomer. I am about to open my first trading account with Zerodha. However, their DP (IL&FS) seems to be a bit expensive (flat Rs 15) as my volumes will be low for the next few months. NSDL charges are probably not included in the Rs 15 (have to get it clarified). My bank, ICICI...