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    Yes Bank - Beggar and Ferrari

    You know the story of the beggar who won a lottery? He immediately and got himself a Ferrari. When the salesman asked him what he would do in the Ferrari, the beggar told him, why, he would go begging in his new Ferrari, of course! The market seems to be treating YesBank, in very much the same...
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    My Strategy

    I enter trade with following condition: Stock is trading above 50 day SMA Stock is trading above 200 day SMA MACD crossed signal line day before yesterday (trigger) Divergence rise was less than 400% while crossing signal line I exit the trade when MACD falls for the first time...
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    RSI Divergence on BHEL weekly chart ??

    I see a divergence on Weekly chart of BHEL, is this a good sign of trend reversal ? can i go long ?