1. madank

    The A to Z of trading career - musings of a professional trader !!

    Dear all, Thanks for letting me open a thread here in TJ. Hope we can learn and interact with each other positively. As noted elsewhere, i will be posting one post per week (or multiple posts sometimes) and we can discuss on that post in another thread. Am known among my family...
  2. R

    Top 10 trading losses & how they happened : Time Magazine, May 2012

    Top 10 trading losses & how they happened (and what we can learn from them) : Time Magazine, May 2012 --------------------------------- 10. Metallgesellschaft, $1.3 billion A German oil refinery and metalworking conglomerate Metallgesellschaft AG gambled hard and fell even harder. In...
  3. Ravi Lodhiya

    How to start day trading - for beginner.

    Dear members, Can anyone explain how to start day trading for the beginners ? As you may aware I am new to this field but I want to know more and also want to explore it in short time. I believed that I have quality of good day trader, but I just want to know where to start and master the...