1. Ravi Lodhiya

    Explain Order Entry in ODIN Diet.

    Dear members, Can anyone explain the order entry in ODIN Diet Client program? And How do I place an order with stop loss in ODIN in a single order entry? Is it possible ? For example, If you look in the image I have attached the screen shot of the Order Entry form. Can Anyone help...
  2. T

    Column profile in diet odin

    Hello All, I'm a newbie learning trading. So far it has been interesting and fun. Traderjis can you please let me know what does the following abbreviation stand for in a angel diet(odin) column profile(market watch profile): ser/exp, status, ND, C.A, DPR, %OI, In the Money, Fair...
  3. S


    I am using DIET ODIN provided by IIFL , Installation done perfectly , but i cant add scrips of Spot Exchange like E-Gold , E-Silver etc., Please help me..
  4. pannet1

    India Infoline ( Diet Odin Login Problem

    Hello, I am unable to login into odin. I am getting the below error. ERROR getting the BINARY versions. Have anybody encountered similar problems in other ODINs. Also how to contact India Infoline customer service. Please help.