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    Algo trading software

    Hi Guys, We are a software development co based in Chandigarh and i am looking to hire a Java programmer or a business analyst to develop a algo trading platform for one of my client in Europe. Can someone help here? Best, Nitin
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    Website Developer Required

    Hi All, I am looking for a website developer who can create a stock market trading website for me. Please post your numbers suggestions and feedback. People around delhi preferred. Thanks all.
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    Software Developer needed for established data vending company

    I represent a fairly large data vendor with about 1500 clients mostly dealing with EOD data with our own charting software. We also provide technical analysis and training to our clients and also are one of the largest authorized dealers of some of the most popular trading software in the...
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    Wanted Software Developer to Capture live feeds

    I want software developer to capture live feeds from NSE terminal Both Cash Market & FNO data is required to capture and store in the database for further calculations Only experienced people need to communicate Regards, Bhavesh [email protected]