derivatives flows xls

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    Hello everyone

    Hello everybody Hope and pray you all are doing fine.:clap: I am looking at making some money as I have quit my job. I have been following the markets on the sideline for many years and now finally want to get into Derivatives. Need all your support and guidance. Thanks Roshini
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    Little intro to Sasankm

    Hi Guys, I am Sasank, managing the business analysis and product management operations of a multi-national software organisation who make s/w for global trading community. Our operations span across the globe and cover asset classes as varied as Eq, Commodities, Currency and their...
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    FII Derivatives Flows in excel file.

    Hi friends, I am interested in getting FII flows in derivates in an excel file. As we all know that the data on sebi web is on htm, and they have no xls file, I would have to make the database. Before that i wanted to check if anybody has it already. Thankyou for your help. Amit.