1. T

    Arbitrage User ID for Jobbing Delhi/NCR

    Hi everyone, I need help in understanding the process to get User ID for jobbing from brokers in and around Delhi/NCR. I heard that they provide funds too on interest basis and u need to share profits. If u know any brokers who entertain single user also for giving user id, kindly provide the...
  2. T

    Here are the Risk involved in Trading Derivatives

    Derivatives are investment instruments that consist of a contract between parties whose value derives from and depends on the value of an underlying financial asset. However, like any investment instrument, there are varying levels of risk associated with derivatives. This post will cover...
  3. M

    Short Put Option

    Hi, I short a naked put option. If this option is assigned, will I be forced to buy the stocks at open market price?
  4. Y

    Participant wise Open Interest historical data

    Hi, looking for Participant wise Open Interest historical data for past 1-3 years, wanted to check if any how have that data in excel, is it possible to share them? Thanks
  5. T

    NSE has launched Cross Currency pairs like EURUSD etc.

    As NSE has already launched Crosscurrency pairs, does that mean that Forex trading is now legal in India and we can can open trading account with Forex Brokers which is open 24x7 OR we can only trade with Brokers of India between 9 am to 7:30 pm like Sharekhan, Zerodha etc. Please explain.
  6. kingsmasher1

    Short selling derivatives - Possible in Indian markets?

    Hi, Pardon me if this sounds basic, but can we short sell Derivatives which we don't own using margin money (intraday basis) ? (Just like stocks) Futures - I short sell some 75 lot of say Nifty 8000 seeing price coming down Options - in case of options, lets say i wish to sell some Nifty 8000...
  7. S

    Urgent opening in share market with reputed company.

    We have opening for our client at Delhi for following post. If you or your friend/collegue interested and matching with your profile, kindly mail the resume along with mentioning Post Applied for, Current CTC, expected CTC. I. Dy. Manager / Assistant Manager - Franchisee Advisory...
  8. 1

    Derivative trading

    Sir, With due respect I would like to request you to please provide me 5 minutes of your time by filling up the following questions, The questionnaire is for educational purpose only and will not be exploited in any means. Thanks a lot...