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    Delta Calculation - Black Scholes Accurate

    Hello , I am trying to be as delta neutral as possible , for weekly bank nifty options. Least affected by movement either side. Using the black scholes calculator requires three inputs : 1. Annual Volatality for Weekly Bank Nifty Options. What should this value be , and where can I check...
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    Hi ! This is Arora here, and very interested in the Options trade. To learn the ropes, I had given my password to a guy named Kulkarni, who is a sub-broker with Angel Broking, alongwith a lakh of rupees to manage my account, and then simply followed his trade and strategies. Although I...
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    option guru

    Hello folks , I am risk analyst for options ( ie. advising clients to manage risk using greeks ( Delta / gamma / vega etc ) and trading strategies based on greeks . I can also help with calculating P&L ( like delta P&L etc ..) and advising on heading trading strategies. Please share your...