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    Any news regarding 'BOC INDIA' delisting ???

    Hi, I have 400 stocks of BOC India at Rs. 291 Any idea of final delisting date ???? Or should I exit ??? Thanks in advance.
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    * Delisting Shares/Stocks from Stock Exchange/s.

    Under what conditions do the Company/Corporation Management take a decision to delist their shares on stock exchange/s they have listed ?. i.e. when the co is making / not making profits, before / after merger or acquisition with another organization etc ?. What are the procedures for...
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    Hi, I have been shares of Elantas Beck India. Recently, I came across the information about the delisting of this stock from BSE and the sharp rise in the stock price in the last 3 months. Is it recommended to sell the off elantas beck now before the correction in the sharp rise in the...