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    Liquid Bees

    Hi, Does anyone have clarity on the pros & cons of liquid bees? I have heard that if you invest small amounts, you can't liquidate fractional units and thus it is of no use for small traders. Can anybody who is experienced throw some light on this?
  2. V

    Lost 1 Lac in mcx , need startegy

    Hi traderji members I have lost 1 Lac in mcx trading (in 2 years). I dont know what is going wrong . I have tried many strategies but doesnt work (for me atleast) . I have even use from LRC to COG waves and simple price action to parabolic sar to fractals to DOM reading and much more . I...
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    Info on NCDs

    As TJ doesnt have a sub forum on debt so posting my query here. I wanted to know from where can I get all the info on listed NCDs? I see its Group F on BSE but BSE site gives info only on trades on that particular day. Also detailed info is full of errors. Is there any site which gives...
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    List of discount broker with Debt/IPO/Mutual funds trading facility

    Hi All, All the online discount brokers like Zerodha or VPS provide services only in Equity/F&O segment, few with commodities. --No one is allowing to apply for new Debt/Equity IPO/FPO's. --Once these debt securities like Taxfree bonds start trading in market we cannot buy or sell them...
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    Mutual Fund Distributor

    Hi friends, If you have queries about Mutual Funds, please let me know. I will try my level best to answer your queries. Happy Investing.
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    A forum on fixed income/debt/bonds, etc.?

    Why not make TJ a complete forum by including a forum on fixed income/debt/bonds/fixed deposit, etc? Recently I have started investing in FDs but dont find any reliable information/forums (with respect to Indian markets) to share my views. Why not start a forum on this?
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    Debt Funds

    Hi All, I am new to MF and benefited a lot by reading this forum. I am planning to invest around 5 lakhs in mutual funds. After reading some posts here and valueresearchonline, the general advice would be to put the money in a short term debt plan and initiate a STP to other large...