1. P

    Broker Cheating me by quoting SEBI rule

    My broker A**** is saying that "the offline transactions done through the day are considered as good if informed by the dealer (the person who is dealing with you from the broking company) to the client at the end of day, even if the instructions given to the dealer are contrary to the...
  2. S

    Hello Seniors,

    Hello Seniors, I am new to stock markets and will be starting as a trader in future and options. Looking forward to learn a lot from all of you !! Regards Shailender Bali
  3. anbarasu

    Best Trader (or) stock Dealer

    Hi investor & Moderators, I am Anbarasu. I had NCFM - Capital market dealer module certification. now, I am doing NCFM - Derivatives market dealer module and may,2010 exam. my quetions: 1. how to beome a successful stock/Derivative dealer. 2. how to get a broad knowledge in NSE/BSE...