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    Amibroker: Barindex to Date conversion?

    Hi guys, I have searched a lot but could not find this simple function: "To convert Barindex to Date" All I need is to call a function with Barindex and get date in return. Anyone ? Thanks for any Help.
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    Quarterly Results: NSE stock futures

    Hi Members, I am starting a thread indicating the dates of Quarterly Results of NSE Stock Futures (only). please mention the dates of forthcoming quarterly results and related analysis. please feel free to drop in your comments and suggestions -Aman
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    SIP Date + Lump Some VS SIP investing in Tax Saving

    SIP Date + Lump Sum VS SIP investment in Tax Saving I know its very hard to time the investment in mutual funds by selecting a specific date for SIP.But still since we have to choose a SIP date given in the form.I am just curious what all others members had opted for..! I request...