1. trendtrade

    Database Programmer needed on Payment Basis

    Hi I am looking for some programmer who has working experience in Microsoft SQL Server Database. I need to get some queries designed for NSE Stocks and FnO Stock Market Database. The queries are not complicated. If you have good knowledge, then you will be able to design these queries easily. I...
  2. Sagarocks432

    Import txt data In Amibroker.

    Hello Friends I Have Intraday data of Nifty [call 8300] in txt format. But when I import in Amibroker using Import wizard and then clearly mention all the column [Date,Time,Close,Open,High,Low,Volume]. it generate error in all lines with blank chart. Error is " Close price must b positive" And...
  3. Sagarocks432

    How to get Intraday data of Sensex(India) for amibroker.?

    How to get Intraday data of Sensex(India) for amibroker.?
  4. Sagarocks432

    How to open excel file in amibroker.?

    I have excel file [.xlsx] which contain sensex EOD of 2 years. It has 5 columns with Date,Close,Open,High,Low,Volume. I want to open it in amibroker such that it show candle stick chart from that data. How is it possible?
  5. Sagarocks432

    How to get EOD of Sensex(India) for amibroker.?

    How to get EOD of Sensex(India) for amibroker.? :cool:
  6. R

    Bulk Update of Category in Existing DB

    Anyone knows how to update "Market" category for all stocks in existing db? Tried updating using a csv which has 2 columns (a.)TICKER (b.)MARKET I tried using the format to import : ------------- $FORMAT TICKER,MARKET $SEPARATOR , $SKIPLINES 1 $NOQUOTES 1 ------------- But the Market remains...
  7. H

    Please suggest Fundamental Analysis Software

    Dear Members, Does anyone know of a good software for fundamental analysis of Indian stocks? I’m looking for a software which can help analyze historical financials of companies. Please suggest which one of the following is recommended. 1. Capitaline Database 2. ACE Equity 3. CMIE 4...
  8. W

    Database for amibroker

    Hello All... I was going through traderjis valuable posts by seniors all these days without creating an id. :-) But today I created an id to ask you people help. I have demo version of Amibroker. But no database :-( . Actually I am not able to know how to start, I deleted the...
  9. N

    MCX and NCDEX Amibroker database

    Hi Pls find the Database( Amibroker) for MCX and NCDEX from 2005 Cheers JV:thumb: