data feeds

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    Real Time Data from ODIN to TXT file without Excel

    Hello All, I want to create visual basic app to read data from multiple market watched in my ODIN client. I want to write a visual basic script to simply look at all the market watches and write the data to a TXT file. I saw an old discussion here...
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    Charting Software (desktop) and RT data

    Hi, I am new to this forum. Plenty of useful information out here. I am familiar with US markets but new to Indian markets. I am looking for a desktop software package and data feed from NSE, BSE for equities, equity options and futures. What are the appropriate (suitably priced and...
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    I am looking for 5 min delayed BSE feeds

    Hi, I am looking for 5 min delayed feeds from BSE, cost effective. Asian CERC/Religare now and Financial Technologies provide them. But any other that is reliable and affordable. Its needed for educational purposes, not making any money out of it, therefore cost is key.