data feed for amibroker

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    Metatrader 5 Amibroker Data Feed

    Hi. I was currently working on using data feed of MT5 in Amibroker directly. I searched on internet and I was able to find plugins which can transmit real time data to Amibroker with backfill option. (Note: These plugins are paid versions.) Does somebody have such plugins ?
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    Details in RT Data

    Hi All, I'm new to data feeds.. I want to know what all the details can we get in the RT data... I need details like upper circut, lower and 52 week High low such details... Can we get such details using the data feed... Please let me know which provider gives us such details.. Thanks...
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    want realtime data from zerodha trader

    Hello Friends I am looking for data from zerodha trader terminal to amibroker format. I am looking for 1 min excel as well. Thanks in advance.
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    Realtime Yahoo Data feed to Amibroker for FREE

    Any intra-day trader needs real time data feeds... The data vendors are very much costly... Real time data is available for free at Yahoo Finance and Google. To feed data of yahoo to ami broker without any plugin is little bit complicated... So, many uses the 3rd party plugins. The...