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  1. timircha

    licence amiquote and unlicensed amibroker can work on intraday

    I have purchased licensed version of amiquote and still i have unregistered amibroker, now I have some problem, so it is because of unregistered amibroker or there is some mistakes in my settings. first I can not start download I got an error, I have version of 3.23 amiquote licensed version...
  2. P

    merging intraday and EOD data in single database using afl code or any other process

    i am a using single database for viewing both Intraday Quotes and EOD Quotes with 1 Min tick and Allow Mixed Intrday and EOD data enabled. But for Intraday i am getting data for 15 days only and if i want to view EOD data i can get only for 15 days only and both Intraday and EOD data are...