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    Regarding Hakija: NSE End of day data downloader

    Hello TraderJi members, As you know Hakija has not been working for quite some time. A couple of people have written to me asking me to fix it. I already have a job and family that keeps me busy. I can consider fixing if the effort is justified, moneywise. Hence this poll.
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    Tick by tick

    I have subscribed to tick by tick data feed. Today i was notified that there is a trojan virus named Trojan: Win32/Skeeyah.A!rfn is present is the software that records user data. Please help.
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    Clean NSE EoD data provider

    Hi, I am quite new to NSE and would like to know if there are any data providers that provide "clean" NSE EOD data? Most of the NSE data I have is not cleaned and cleaning/maintaining takes a lot of effort, which I don't want to dedicate time to and would be happy to pay for. By "Clean"...
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    Hakija: A free NSE End of day data downloader

    Greetings!, I would like to introduce my new software Hakija, to all the TraderJi members. Hakija, is an opensource(free with source code available) NSE End of Day Data Downloader written in Python. No other installations like .NET framework, Java anything else is required. It downloads...
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    ODIN/***** realtime data to Amibroker, Metastock, Fcharts, Excel & txt with Backfill

    ODIN/***** realtime data to Ami, Mstock, Fcharts, Excel & txt with Backfill Dear Members, Wish everyone a healthy, wealthy and joyful new year 2009. Wish all your dreams come true in near future. I am releasing the original version as another evaluation version with full capability that...