daily calls

  1. infor

    STOCK Signals, Counters Expected to show movement

    I am posting Fews stocks where according to my study some movement could be expected for sure. STOCK Close Signal Date of Signal Generation COALINDIA 282.55 Sell 10/11/13 CORPBANK 262.2 Buy 10/11/13 DELTACORP 71.05 Buy 10/11/13 DENABANK 49.75 Buy 10/11/13...
  2. infor

    NSE Stock Daily analysis

    Tata chemical expected to show some movement. Please find below analysis report as screenshot.
  3. negidude26

    Dialy technical Intraday calls

    Hi Friends , I am a Amateur Technical Analyst and trader. I am going to post daily Intraday calls here . I will Post my calls with technical reasons in a very simple language so that the newbies can learn and understand . There are always risk associated with day trading. The calls...