1. T

    NSE has launched Cross Currency pairs like EURUSD etc.

    As NSE has already launched Crosscurrency pairs, does that mean that Forex trading is now legal in India and we can can open trading account with Forex Brokers which is open 24x7 OR we can only trade with Brokers of India between 9 am to 7:30 pm like Sharekhan, Zerodha etc. Please explain.
  2. kingsmasher1

    Trading the eb3 coins

    Folks, did any of you try getting the new eb3 coins which have come up in the market? One of my friends who is a distributor suggested to get it, as it's price is also booming like the bitcoins. Seems like it started from around 2015 and interestingly vendors like GoogleWallet, Paytm, and even...
  3. L

    Currency Futures

    I just wrote this thread to know are there any trader who trades in currency futures.
  4. H

    Need nifty charts for past 5 or 10 years

    Senior members help me. where can I find nifty charts for past 5 to 10 years. I need access to nifty charts for any particular day, with open close time, high low information. 1. Is there any free website or free software from where I can get this information? 2. Otherwise, if there any paid...
  5. L

    My FF strategy for Forex

    Hello All I have created a new Forex trading demo account on 8th of April with starting capital equals to $ 50,000 and leverage equals to 1:100. I have started this thread to track my daily return and monthly return. Till now my account balance has become $ 54,224.66 after 4 trades, which...
  6. A

    Best broker for Forex

    Hi Can some one please help me choose a good FOREX broker who offers MT4 as well? And hope the forex market is open almost round the clock, so is it ok to have an accountopened with any other forign forex broker who opereates all time, since NSE currency derivate is opened till 4 or 5 I...
  7. P


    hello everybody...i am a very new trader. barely a month in the field. my strong desire to earn money to enjoy life led me to trading....i am really in the learning process...have lost a few grands these past few weeks. well, i am trading in forex and options only for the time being...dont...
  8. A

    New member

    Hi all I have just joined this site, and want to more about the option strategies and currency market.
  9. C

    Trade Domestic Currency futures(INDIA) with me-Intraday

    Hello friends, I will be posting trade levels to trade domestic currency futures on NSE/MCX. The trades will be intraday in nature and have to be squared off by the end of day. C.M
  10. C

    Trade Forex with me-10AM-130PM-4 hours per day

    Hello friends, From tomorrow onwards, I will post my trade levels here. You can trade these levels on Demo to gain confidence. Trading Rules are as follows: 1. Depending on your risk appetite, aggressive traders can keep a margin of 3 - 5 pips ( + /-) while entering and exiting the...
  11. sdalal

    GOLD v/s USD.: changing co-relation

    Gold -Short situation. Gold ,yesterday was volatile and played in both direction with high of 1068$ and Low of 1044.Close 1065. $1070-75 range is resistance for gold.Short Gold in current position keeping Stop Loss of $1077. Down side target is 1044,1025. May on monday and tuesday the gold...
  12. sdalal

    USD/INR: just move down

    EUR/USD Support EUR/USD has support at 1.3785. Europe is facing new challenges as After greece ,there is a talk of Spain and Portugal may come in a mess. Eur/USD may touch 1.35 in coming weeks. IND/USD ,can see 44.1 ON 19th feb: Eur/USD made a low of 1.344