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    Currency Option Intra day?

    Hello members, I have a beginner question to ask. I have checked the NSE website for currency options, settlement price are done on last closing price. Does it means, that I can't buy options on current day price? I have to trade options today on last day closing price? Please confirm me...
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    Little intro to Sasankm

    Hi Guys, I am Sasank, managing the business analysis and product management operations of a multi-national software organisation who make s/w for global trading community. Our operations span across the globe and cover asset classes as varied as Eq, Commodities, Currency and their...
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    Is trading in Options better than Futures in Forex?

    hello everyone, Can anybody tell me that trading in currency options better than currency futures? if, yes than please elaborate that how to trade in options as i'am a newbie in option trading. i ll be very thankful to you. waiting for respnse. :)
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    currency options

    hi everybody,:confused: i am currently into equity markets in investment terms.but,i was reading that there is something called currency option(usd-inr) trading which sebi allowed in october. i wanted to know what are the risks and which account has to be opened for trading in these...