currency futures

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    A Novice Question Trading

    Hello Guys I have ben trying to learn currency trading.Please help me with my doubt. 1.Can you put auto buy option of preferred amount in currency trading? 2.How much money will you need in your account when you sell 1 lot of currency bought, ie do you need to have if it is USDINR...
  2. L

    My FF strategy for Forex

    Hello All I have created a new Forex trading demo account on 8th of April with starting capital equals to $ 50,000 and leverage equals to 1:100. I have started this thread to track my daily return and monthly return. Till now my account balance has become $ 54,224.66 after 4 trades, which...
  3. B

    Bliss Charts

    I will be posting mostly Nifty Intraday Charts and sometimes stock charts based on Price Action, I may also post Option trades and opportunities from time to time, they may or may not be real trades taken in real time I will be using simple Price Action techniques, especially inspired by...
  4. L

    need data for NSE USDINR futures

    Hi friends THis is kumar from hyderabad. I wanted a help from you all in finding NSE USDINR FUTURE 2-3 Years Data in 1 Minute AMIBROKER Format for testing purpose. I will be glad and appreciate if any one can Help me. Thanks KUMAR
  5. hisendil


    hi i am new to trading. interested currency trading i request you all guide me to have profitable trading.
  6. G

    Is trading in Options better than Futures in Forex?

    hello everyone, Can anybody tell me that trading in currency options better than currency futures? if, yes than please elaborate that how to trade in options as i'am a newbie in option trading. i ll be very thankful to you. waiting for respnse. :)