currency futures. usdinr

  1. iwillwin


    Where do you see usdinr settle in Dec month contract 66 - 66.3 66.31 - 66.6 66.61 - 66.9 66.91 - 67.2
  2. L

    need data for NSE USDINR futures

    Hi friends THis is kumar from hyderabad. I wanted a help from you all in finding NSE USDINR FUTURE 2-3 Years Data in 1 Minute AMIBROKER Format for testing purpose. I will be glad and appreciate if any one can Help me. Thanks KUMAR
  3. T

    someone plz explain this different price movement in MCX gold from international gold

    Hi All, MCX gold september contract increased from 27696 to 27880 from 10.30 pm to 11.00 pm an increase of almost 0.7 %, similar was the price movement in oct and august contracts. Whille, at the same time, there was hardly any movement in international gold price which was ranging from...
  4. C

    Trade Domestic Currency futures(INDIA) with me-Intraday

    Hello friends, I will be posting trade levels to trade domestic currency futures on NSE/MCX. The trades will be intraday in nature and have to be squared off by the end of day. C.M
  5. D

    Usdinr trading and profitable strategies in usdinr futures

    i have 3 years of experience in eqity cash and futures and 1 year in commodity futures. now i want to trade currency futures particularly in USDINR, so please GIVE ME YOUR INNOVATIVE IDEAS AND TRADING STRATEGIES.