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    latest news on ctt on commodities

    Mumbai, April 12: Delays in the Budget being cleared in Parliament and in rollout of the proposed commodity transaction tax (CTT) are expected to cost the Government Rs 250 crore, according to analysts estimates. The Budget, presented on February 28, is yet to be cleared by Parliament...
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    Important article on Ctt on commdities

    Dear sir I have found an important article on Ctt on commodities. The changes if any would be discussed in 2nd half of budget session starting from 22nd April to 10th may. Until then you can trade as in the past Thanks escon India April 03, 2013 Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on...
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    Alternatives to silver trading

    Dear sir I would like to create a discussion about finding some alternatives for trading commodities on MCX. As in 2013 budget government have imposed 0.1% CTT which will affect volume, turnover as well as volatility. Before the budget we use to pay 450/- on one carore turnover as fix , now it...