count candlesticks

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    Count of Signals

    Need real help from AmiBroker Experts. How to count the number of times a condition was true in say last 14 bars? Is it possible to get such a count? Experts please help and guide.
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    Help on candles count - Strategy

    Strategy is to filter stocks fallen 40% (in Weekly view) for a rise of 10% atleast. For this, I try to filter scrips (i) 6 candles count of 40% fall and (ii) -ve candles count of 5 to 6 from fallen candles ONLY. Issue is -ve candles not getting counted from fallen 6 candles (but goes out of...
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    Count of black candlesticks during a particular period - AFL help

    Dear friends, I have tried writing AFL for gathering count of negative/red/black candlesticks for a particular period (consider 10 days). Also tried with the 'cum' and 'sum' functions. I wanted to 'Explore' by counting black candlesticks (>6 out of 10 candlesticks) for investment. Can...