corporate actions

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    Geometric Software suspended from trading

    Hi, As per notice here shares in Geometric are suspended for trading and according to the Scheme, for every 43 shares of Geometric a 10 shares of HCL will be issued and for each share of Geometric - some preferred redeemable shares will be issued. The record date is today 15th March 2017. Can...
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    bonus,split , dividend history

    Respected , I am looking for bonus, split, dividend history of stock that are in f&o(about 220). Can anyone has the related material or can guide me to some link where I can find these data from 2000. Zohar Batterywala [email protected]
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    Corporate actions data provider

    Has anyone come across a reliable paid corporate actions and financial data provider? I am looking for data feeds which cover company & financial information like company profile, directors information, P&L, balance sheet, cash flow, consolidated financial data, quarterly results & corporate...