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    Expiry day moves

    Why are there large moves in the last hour of expiry day? People say reverse arbitrage is taking place. What does that mean? How can people predict with certainity that the stock/index will move up or down during the last hour of trade? What sort of data do they analyse? How can they be sure...
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    5 doubts about the Futures Market

    Hey, I've been doing some Equity(Cash) trades for some time and am looking into the Futures market. However, I have not done Futures trading in whatever capacity till date. I will learn as I go and will not jump into it fast. Will start with small amounts first. But I need some things to be...
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    Failure to close commodity contract before expiry date

    What are the options available to me if i fail to close the commodities contract before the expiry date? Is there any option whereby i can avoid taking delivery of the commodity? :sos: