commodity trading

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    Needs assistance in commodity trading

    Dear All this is my first post on I am very new to the commodity market. I frankly don't know how to trade. But I am interested to be an active trader and peruse trading as my career. Requesting your help,suggestion and support. Regards Tauqeer Iqbal
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    Per oder limit In Mcx Copper

    Hi experts I have a confusion which have not cleared by my broker and even discussion with MCX executives, I have a commodity trading account in RK global. I am trading copper. Usually for a single lot margin requirement is 20000/-. suppose i have a balance of RS-10 lacs i can buy or sell...
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    I am new to the trading marking

    Hello All, I am Vikram. I am new to the trading market. I have some interest in the commodity trading especially gold, but confused about the broking firm. As I am new I do not plan to invest more than 3-5K in the commodity market to begin with. Could anyone suggest me a best way to do...
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    Beginner in Commodity Market.

    Hello, I am Liju thomas. and a new member. Iam intreasted in commodity market and Iam here to get some information about commodity trading ,strategies which we need to adopt to get some return from the market. I have 30000 rs with me to invest. is it possible for me to start trading with this...
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    new to commodity trading

    i am new to commodity trading and using odin as my work software, i wanted to ask how can i hold a commodity for say 15 days without getting the loses or profits in my account. for example, if i buy copper nov for 379 and the next day it goes to 370 and dont want to quit and i am sure that...
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    Hi, Can anyone tell me how to watch MCX in ChartNexus free software? I am able to see NSE and BSE EOD and also corresponding 3 years history. But i need commodity trading, so please guide me. Thanks in advance.
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    Introduction of self

    Hi everybody, I mean all members of the forum. I am new to this forum. I was never into any type of trading. Only I was into share market as an investor long years ago. Still I have got certain shares of some companies who are never found in the trading list now. However. Just now I intend...
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    Commodity trading

    Let me know how to see candlestick pattern in ncdex commodity pepper which is the software i can check