1. R

    Is only Technical Analysis enough for commodity trading

    I am new to commodities and was wondering whether technical analysis is enough for commodity trading or not? If not, what are the other factors I need to consider while trading in commodities? For example:- If I want to trade in CRUDEOILM and my technical setup is giving me a long/short signal...
  2. *Trader*

    Crude Trading to Earn 100 % in a Year

    Hello Friends After Watching Charts and Learning some technical I prepared my self a trading strategy. I forward tested this strategy for 3 months and get good returns. I decided to start trading this strategy from today. My goal is to earn 100 % returns per year. I regularly update this thread...
  3. J

    Hello Fellow traders

    I started trading 5 years back in stocks and commodities. Then I started learing about options/futures market. I am here to share my experiences as a trader.I'll be ready to learn new things here.
  4. A

    Commodity Renko charts

    Hi Members, Please help me find a charting platform where I can get renko charts for commodities. My focus is on copper. Thanks all.
  5. G

    Natural Gas 15 min Supertrend Method

    NG 15 min Supertrnd strategy 12/5 Buy Sell Profit/loss 264.95 264.43 + .52 259.34 + 5.09 16/5 262.38 +3.04 19/5 260.58 +1.8
  6. N

    hi all

    Hi, my name is Patric and I'm here under nick is natural. My favorite commodity is natural gas - I trade mostly commodities. From time to time I use to open position also on crude oil (especially in crucial geopolitical times where price wave as flag in the wind). I also run a site calle...
  7. T

    Useful: Comprehesive Commodity Price Data

    I think this site is useful. Current prices for hundreds of different commodities including some more obscure ones. includes historical data for all.
  8. T

    Average stop loss percent on your trades and Percent of trades that do not hit SL

    Hello Dear Traders, I am new to futures trading and testing my system in commodities and nifty futures. As i am trying to improvise my system i have some questions which i thought i should share here and get opinions from senior ppl and also new traders. 1) What percent of your total...
  9. T

    How to get real time commodity data from CME into amibroker?

    Hello fellow tradrers, I am looking for real time commodities data from CME, is there any way i can configure it into amibroker .. I have read threads about getting the feed from MCX but am looking for data from CME or from any source from which data is same as CME Thanks
  10. R

    New Commodity Trader | Gain = All Money to Broker??

    Guys i need some help i have opened a trading account with Angel Trading a month back I am only doing Commodity Gold , Silver and Crude Yesterday, was good day for me My broker started with 1 Crude B/S and made 1100 Gain Then in the after i did a S/B and the PDA software showed me...
  11. V

    mcx in mt4 live

    pls guide anyone is mcx trading in broco is safe ?
  12. S

    Sub -Broker

    How many of you feel that it is easy become a subroker or remisser and earn rather than working for 12 hours a day and get a fixed salary? please share your views!
  13. P

    Calculating gold eod prices when current future contract ends and next month contract

    Dear friend, Help me in calculating seamless end of the day prices from mcx future prices for charting. Switching current month contract prices to future month at end of the month creates jump in charts,Because of the premium in next month contract. Thanks in advance, Jay