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    Amibroker - Background color change with EMA

    Hi All, I have a question -- Is it possible that the background color of amibroker chart changes by itself if the price comes below 20 EMA. For Example: Price Candle below 20 EMA - Background color RED Price Candle Above 20 EMA - Background color GREEN
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    Need Help: Bar Chart Color

    Hi Members, Can you help me with the AFL for the BAR Price Charts such that when: close < open = RED close > open = GREEN I have attached an image for reference. Thanks.
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    Need help to change the color of this afl

    This is the AFL Variable = WriteIf(C<p,"Up",WriteIf(C>p,"Down","Neutral")); GfxSetTextColor(colorTurquoise); GfxTextOut("TPre = "+ Variable,550,60); I need help to change the color of the "GfxSetTextColor",when its "Up" the color is "Green", when its "Down" the color is "Red* and "neutral"...